about me

not another website with oracle contents !!!!

searching in google for oracle and hints returns a view hits

so – why this site ??

This one is made to help me and my customers for frequently asked questions or actions they use often.

If this contents helps YOU  – fine 🙂 I’m happy !!!

Comments or corrections ? please let me know – contact me – leave a comment …..

about me

My name is Roland Gräff. I’m a technical leader at Oracle Advanced Customer Services in germany.

I’ working since a very long time for Oracle (more than 25 years) in support (onsite  and extended support) for many large customers in the south west of  germany.

My working fields are primary the database issues – a wide spread  !!!

Beginning from architecture to installation, over diagnostics and tuning, to DR and HA and many more ………

dba tuning diagnostic rman dataguard data guard

  1. 28. March 2012 at 08:06

    Good post! It\’s good to read information from someone that knows what they are talking about.

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