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easy, fast cloning ORACLE_HOME

20. October 2011 1 comment

updated 27.4.2012

Building a master-installation for cloing has multiple benefits

  1. a new Oracle installation can be done very fast
  2. all clones from the master are identical – e.g. no one off is missing
  3. the installation can be scripted very easy, no creation of responsefile necessary

Quick overview

create tarfile from master

extract tarfile to the new location

start clone

that’s all ūüėČ Read more…

unix scripts – hints

This section lists a some usefull unix commands and sample

  • find files with specific content
    find . -atime +30 -exec grep -il “abc” {} \;
  • find files¬† with special pattern and access-time
    find . -name “*tr?” -atime +3
    and delete those
    find . -name “*tr?” -atime +2¬† -delete
  • looping n-times

    while test $I -le 100
    sqlplus /nolog @script
    I=`expr $I + 1`

  • remove blank / empty lines from file
           grep -v "^$" filename > newfilename
  • convert UPPER to lower case
    lhost =$(echo $host | tr [:upper:] [:lower:])
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enable, disable options in 11.2

Starting with 11.2 the installation procedure changed.
There is no more custom installation – all options will be installed.

To check which options are active run
select * from v$option order by parameter;

Stop all instances using this ORACLE_HOME !

cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib
make -f part_on ioracle

SQL>¬† select * from v$option where upper(parameter) like ‘%PARTI%’;
PARAMETER                                        VALUE
—————————————- —————————————————————-
Partitioning                                           TRUE

make -f part_off ioracle

SQL>¬† select * from v$option where upper(parameter) like ‘%PARTI%’;
PARAMETER                                        VALUE
—————————————- —————————————————————-
Partitioning                                           FALSE

These options can be disabled or enabled

                             Enable      Disable
Partitioning                  part_on     part_off
Datamining                    dm_on       dm_off
OLAP                          olap_on     olap_off
Data Vault                    dv_on       dv_off
Real Application Testing      rat_on      rat_off
to disable ALL those options:
make -f part_off dm_off olap_off dv_off rat_off ioracle

Is it possible to deinstall/remove a specific component from already installed Oracle Database Home using OUI? (Doc ID 888934.1)

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