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My First Poll Block

13. November 2020 Leave a comment

Click on the poll block above to edit it directly in this post. Add a question, and multiple answers and even change the styling of the block using the sidebar controls. Add new poll blocks by searching for “poll” or type “/poll” in a new block.

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some sql scripting hints

4. November 2011 Leave a comment

generate dynamic filenames

to generate dynamic spool filenames use (name will be set at the select):

col spoolfile new_val spoolfile
select 'log_' ||to_char(sysdate, 'yymmdd_hh24miss' ) spoolfile from dual;

spool &spoolfile

to be continued 😉

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generate dumps – overview

13. September 2011 Leave a comment

Some nice – important dump options 🙂

and still under constuction

find sga ID

in Unix environments with mutiple instances running within the same os-use (e.g. oracle) you cannot see which memory segment is allocated to which instance.

sqlplus  / as sysdba
oradebug setmypid
oradebug ipc
oradebug tracefile_name

the column Shmid shows the dependend memory structures

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