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instance caging – a sample

12. February 2012 Leave a comment

Instance caging was introduced in 11.2 and desinged to limit the cpu-usage of an instance.

This makes sence when you run several instances on one machine.

In the past, while one instance makes trouble in cpu usage, all others instance got problems as well 😦

Instance caging based on the oracle resource manager.

It makes no sense to throttle a instance permanent down – the system should be well balanced and this feature should be an emergency button.

here’s an example:

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index usage monitoring / invisible indexes

4. August 2011 1 comment

In an application lifecycle some indexes will be added to a table, again and again.

But after a while nobody knows which index is really used or not.

Just delete the index ? hmmm who knows 😉

A simple option is to use index monitoring.

alter index <index_name> monitoring usage;

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